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Journalist out in force demands trial of abusive policemen

Dhaka, Bangladesh. May 27, 2012 [DrikNEWS]- Journalists from all media protest in front of National Press Club demanding that Shahidul Islam, the Assistant Commissioner of Tejgaon Zone Police and other policemen who beat up three journalists be tried in a court of law. Sajid Hossain, Zahidul Karim and Khaled Sarker, three photojournalists of the daily Prothom Alo, were taking photos of the students of Agargaon when police intervened causing severe injuries. When the journalists tried to file a complaint against the police officers the duty office of Sher-e-Bangla Nagar police station refused to accept it.

Photo- Wahid Adnan

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  The Street in front of DSE during the investors’ protest against the top bosses of the premier bourse and market regulators, and the central bank governor. The investors pelted law enforcers with brickbats, set fires and destroy cars and other vehicle they got near them in the street. Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Graphics of Deadliest Crash
  Dr. Rofiqul Islam, assistant professor at the National Institute of Chest Diseases & Hospital, Mohakhali, Dhaka, Bangladesh, is working for Tuberculosis (TB) prevention. Every day he gives treatment to nearly 50 patients of various kinds of TB, some of them from rural areas.
TB(Tuberculosis) in Bangladesh
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Bogra, Bangladesh. May 25, 2012 [DrikNEWS] - At least 14 students were arrested and another 50 were wounded in heavy clashes with the police when the students of Bogra Polytechnique Institute protested at the Government’s decision to downgrade the Engineering Diploma from a Class II to a Class III.  Students from IITB, another non-governmental polytechnique institute joined the protesting students resulting in a blockade of the Sherpur-Bogra highway at 10 am. on Wednesday.  Clashes occurred as police and other law enforcers tried to disperse the protestors from the highway. The students attacked the check post at Bogra Police nearby and also attacked the police residential areas. Police used rubber bullets and tear-gas to bring the situation under control.
© Shafiq Islam, Bogra