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“If they are not available for only one day we will have to clean ourselves”.  I am talking about sweepers. It’s more then 300 years ago they came hear (Bangladesh), they were suppose to get a good job, but British government pushed them to be a sweeper. Right now they work for Dhaka City Corporation.  This story leads the reader through one of the sweeper colony at Tikatoly, Dhaka. Its near about 210 family are staying hear at five storied building and lots of room, most of tiny little and some are big; they are from north Pradesh Kanpur state, India. Those people are live hare and it’s known as sweeper colony. The daily life of sweeper colony is really eventful, all over the time people take bath at bath room one by one and some one came back from work some one go for work. Some one goes for sleep and some one awake from sleep. Children’s are always playing and riding bicycle as entertainment. I noticed all there event carefully and closely, some times I fell joy and sorrow as they fell. Some people misjudge them and dislike most of time.  “Please don’t take my photo; if the photo published I have to face lot of problem to my friend and thus people who know me”-Rajesh, having IELTS and pass degree from renowned college.  “No body respects us because every one called us sweeper. But, we are not sweeper they should call us CLEANER”- Joshna rani das.  They have continued their life with pleasure of cultural activities and religious festival. They just demand to honour them as a cleaner not as a sweeper. May be we will not find differences between those two words. But, Hope wishes of joshna rain das will be fulfilled.     by- Amdadul Huq

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